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Where to buy Panasonic car entertainment devices?
Please refer to “Sales Channels” in the site for the list of dealers across Taiwan.
What are functions of the gyroscope and driving-speed signal?
It is an innovative supporting system for Panasonic Taiwan navigation system. In case of your satellite navigation device fail to receive signals from three or more satellites when driving inside a tunnel, under a flyover or along a lane amongst buildings, turning angle and driving direction will calculated by the gyroscope and speed signal to figured actual position and show on E-map, which secures non-stop guiding service.
Is the navigation device able to play music CDs or VCDs?
Sorry, the function is not yet available. Panasonic navigator is specially designed for road guiding
Do other navigation devices or Panasonic Japan navigation able to read Panasonic Taiwan E-map?
Sorry, They cannot.